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The Blue Chip Strain Guide
June 30, 2021

The Blue Chip Strain Guide

Invest Wisely with Blue Chip Genetics at Purple Lotus

Here at Purple Lotus, the quality of the flower we carry is always a top priority.

No partnership better illustrates this commitment than our longstanding work with Blue Chip Genetics. Just as the name implies, Blue Chip represents the absolute best when it comes to cannabis strains and genotypes.

In fact, Blue Chip — which has local roots in both Santa Rosa and Oakland — was so about the cause that its founders once embarked on a year-long hunt across the globe to find rare and exotic seeds.

This adventure, inspired by a love of fire phenotypes and a hunger for experimentation within cultivation, would eventually lead to the creation of Blue Chip’s titular strain: an especially pungent, beautiful varietal of cannabis that instantly became a destination event.

Indeed, since 2013, folks have traveled from parts near and far to visit Purple Lotus for the opportunity to try the Blue Chip experience for themselves. Blue Chip has even earned the approval of stoner legend Tommy Chong, who once chose the strain during a blind taste test contest. Blue Chip’s Durban Poison also won a prestigious High Times Canabis Cup.

All the while, Purple Lotus was hard at work at our San Jose cultivation facility, where we brought some of the game’s top geneticists together to experiment in search of strain gold.

In total, it was a process that took over two years, but the results have proven more than fruitful. Today, you can rest assured that every strain released under the Blue Chip name is truly as good as it gets when it comes to choice California flower.

To celebrate all that we’ve accomplished, Purple Lotus will be hosting a Blue Chip takeover at our San Jose location this weekend, June 26-27.

In addition to DJs and a chance to score Blue Chip swag, customers who visit Purple Lotus on June 26 and 27 can also expect to find some great deals on our favorite strains.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about which buds to buy, don’t stress! Here’s a rundown on the Blue Chip beauties we currently have available.

Gangsta Bird

Feast your eyes on the deep purple colas of this sweet-tasting cross between Gelato 33 and Extreme Cream. Organically grown in living soil, Gangsta Bird marries a creamy finish with feelings of euphoria, or, in larger doses, tranquility.

Carbon Fiber

Look no further for the latest GSC phenotypes from the Blue Chip laboratory. For those in need of some sleep (or simply a bit of substantial sedation), Carbon Fiber — an extremely rare cross of arguably three of the heaviest indicas in the world — is the strain to beat.


This fully organic, white ash producing cross between Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbert is renowned for the reputed jolt of brain energy it can often provide to its consumers. Paired with powerful, full-body effects, Zaburst delivers on both taste and experience.

Cream Puffz

Don’t let the name fool you: Cream Puffz is a strain that means serious business. But that isn’t a bad thing! Following an initial head rush that should have you feeling uplifted and carefree, a glorious body high kicks in too, making Cream Puffz a solid bet for those looking for a buzz that is both social and creative yet also relaxing.

Garlic Butter

If you’ve ever rubbed on some body butter to soothe an aching muscle, Garlic Butter is a strain with similar goals. Known for its powerful, muscle-relaxing effects, this aptly-named strain is also great for stimulating one’s appetite. Toss in some notes of pine needles and you’ve got all the ingredients for this Blue Chip favorite.

The Glove

You have to be quite the basketball star to be the (technically, unofficial) namesake of an incredible cannabis strain, but Gary “The Glove” Payton has rightfully earned the honor. Known for hitting hard, this strain averages an incredible 20-25% average THC level, making it best suited for experienced patients. But if you’re up for it, this bud’s flavor — spicy yet sweet, mixed with notes of savory diesel — is, much like a big basket, not to be missed.

Georgia Pie

Georgia Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid that brings the best of Gelatti and Kush Mintz together. Taste is key here, with Georgia Pie boasting a sinfully scrumptious flavor profile akin to a fresh peach cobbler. On top of that, this strain (another best reserved for more seasoned consumers) provides an intense head and body high, with medical patients especially championing Georgia Pie’s success at alleviating chronic pain symptoms.

Butter Mintz

Last but most definitely not least is Butter Mintz. Another heavy indica, this cross of Animal Mints with Bubba Kush is famed for its flavor profile, which brilliantly melds notes of mint and cookies with uplifting feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and peace. Fair warning: once you’ve tasted Butter Mintz, it can be hard to go back to anything else.