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Perfect Your 4th of July Plans at Purple Lotus
July 3, 2021

Perfect Your 4th of July Plans at Purple Lotus

From picnic pick-me-ups to extraterrestrial adventures, we’ve got you covered for the long weekend ahead.

Welcome to our Independence Day!

America’s birthday is always a festive occasion, but given last summer was one devoid of big barbecues and sprawling family picnics, this year’s 4th of July weekend promises to be extra special. We’ve all been waiting what feels like forever for a chance to return to our cherished long weekend traditions, be it launching ourselves from a fraying rope swing into a lake or simply settling in with loved ones to watch a fireworks display.

Whatever your plans may hold, Purple Lotus is here is make sure you’ve got all the ingredients to a successful July 4. Come pay us a visit to enjoy some special decorations ala the 1996 masterpiece Independence Day and to grab any supplies you’ll need to make this holiday one you’ll never forget… or fully forget, depending on what your preference may be!

We know our menu runs deep, so to help you maximize your time spent in the sun, we’ve put together a quick list of surefire favorites perfect for whatever your plans may hold. Dive in, stock up, and go have some fun!



We get it: here in California, fires are now an all-the-time concern. As a result, it’s never been more important to exercise maximum caution when sparking a joint or otherwise utilizing an open flame in the great outdoors.

If you don’t want to deal with any of that risk, why not skip the flower this time and instead try a refreshing beverage featuring a carefully measured serving of THC? Not only will you dampen any fire risks, you’ll also avoid the dreaded hangover likely to hit those who view long weekends as an extended drinking contest.

But why not get the best of both worlds? That’s the deal you’ll get with Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops. Featuring hops provided by the legendary NorCal brewer, these sparkling drinks deliver great taste with zero calories or carbs.

Entry level consumers are encouraged to start with Tuner ($7.99 each) from Hi-Fi Hops. Dialed in at just the right balance of THC and CBD — 5 mg of each — Tuner is both calming and invigorating, playing at a volume you can still hold a conversation over. If you want a louder experience, try Hi-Fi’s Reverb ($25.99; 4-pack). This IPA-inspired option packs 10mg of THC into every bottle.

When it comes to a refreshing summer beverage, a variety of flavor is always crucial as well. If you want to add another truly delicious taste of THC to your 4th of July weekend, consider Habit’s Pineapple Sparkling Cooler ($16.99) too.

Boasting natural fruit flavors, these delicious drinks have virtually no hint of the funky cannabis terpenes some folks may prefer to avoid. In addition, this elegant, health conscious drink manages to include 100mg of ultra-refined shatter oil in every bottle. Bottom’s up!


Have you been invited to a big party or chipped-in on a rental with friends for the upcoming long weekend? Well we don’t need to tell you that no one likes a guest who shows up empty-handed. To avoid any potential embarrassment while making your bid for most awesome guest, arrive for your plans with a box of Jeeter Watermelon Zkittlez Pre-Rolls in tow.

Available in packs of five ($39.99), these baby jeeters are perfect for sharing with friends. Featuring the mouth-wateringly fruity, indica-dominant Watermelon Zkittlez strain, these .5g pre-rolls are an ideal grab-and-go option for those with a busy weekend ahead!


It’s important to remember that having days off does not mean that you are obligated to fill them with plans. For some of us, a leisurely break for the grind is the best possible vacation of all.

As an added bonus, those who are looking forward to a weekend of watching, say, Will Smith punch extraterrestrials in the face (but skip the sequel), can further treat themselves to some top-shelf flower. Be it a movie marathon or a long date with a lounge chair located next to a pool, we think Blue Chip’s Zaburzt Flower ($69.99; 3.5g) is the right strain for the job. 

Boasting a rare, potent cross of Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbert, this strain exhibits potent full-body effects in tandem with a jolt of cerebral energy. Taken together, Blue Chip’s Zaburzt Flower is a quick ticket to a carefree state of mind. Just add Netflix.


Meat may not be an essential component of July 4th for everyone, but it’s definitely still at the top of the list in many homes. And while there is certainly some glory to be selected as the official flipper of burgers, hot links, and corn at a barbecue, that doesn’t mean the honor isn’t also some seriously hard work!

If you want to offer a helping hand, get a jar of Blue Chip’s Georgia Pie Flower ($69.99; 3.5G) to offer your cook du jour. After a long stint standing at a hot grill, there’s nothing like a big slice of Georgia Pie — with notes of sweet, peach cobbler paired with a potent body high — to silence an achy back and put one back in the festive spirit.