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Get Loud for 710 with Purple Lotus
July 9, 2021

Get Loud for 710 with Purple Lotus

The second-biggest cannabis holiday of the year is almost here and we’ve got concentrate fans covered.

When it comes cannabis, one holiday a year simply isn’t enough anymore.

These days, it doesn’t take a seasoned stoner to know what April 20 (aka 420) is all about. A celebration of all things cannabis, the term was first coined by a group of Bay Area high school kids back in the 1970s (referring to a time of day) and conveniently translated into a date on the calendar each April.

Likewise, 710 is celebrated on the day it seems to point to in the calendar: July 10. In this case, the origin of 710 is extremely simple: turn the numbers upside-down and it appears to spell the word “oil,” which is a shorthand commonly used to refer to potent shatter, wax, hash oils, and the like.

Again, like 420, there is also a specific timing component to the occasion, with many revelers choosing to toke at 7:10am and/or 7:10pm. As anyone who enjoys cannabis knows, the point isn’t to abstain except for these specific time slots but simply to go all out with your efforts when they arrive.

To achieve this goal, you’ll likely need some hardware.

Back in the early days of 710 – many cite a 2013 LA Weekly article on the subject as a defacto origin point – taking a traditional dab likely meant relying on a dab rig. That, in turn, meant toting a bevy of tools like wands and torches to ensure you had all the necessary components on hand. Fortunately, as dabbing and concentrates continue to explode in popularity, a new wave of sleeker, more compact devices have now hit the market, making dabbing on-the-go a breeze.

With this year’s 710 just around the corner, Purple Lotus wants to help you prepare for the high holiday with some great deals our favorite concentrates. Stop by and set yourself up for an ideal 710 with the products below.

Highlights Zkittlez x Kush Mints

Cured Badder $25.99

The world of concentrates is ever-widening and filled with a glossary of strange new terms. For those just starting out, consider trying Highlights Zkittlez x Kush Mints cured batter. This badder (a phrase which describes a concentrate’s texture) is sourced from Connected Cannabis Co.’s cured indoor trim, providing an incredible price point on this popular Indica-dominant hybrid. Complete with notes both floral and gassy, this cured badder is great for pain relief and a full body high.

Raw Garden Funk N’ Fire

Live Resin Sauce $32.99

In contrast to cured badder, live resin sauce (as its name would suggest) appears in a sauce-like consistency. The “live resin” qualifier denotes that the sauce was made from freshly harvested plants, which is exactly how Raw Garden likes to roll. Combining Leeroy OG x GG#4, Funk N’ Fire is a potent potential cure for pain as well as a great source of cerebral relaxation and mental euphoria. By utilizing a flash-frozen technique, Raw Gardens is able to ensure a higher percentage of terpenes make it into every dab you take. For Funk N’ Fire, that means notes of sweet and sour fruit cut with undertones of spicy aromatics.

Apex Cake Boss

Cured Resin $39.99

Similar to cured badder, cured resin results from applying techniques which preserve the cannabis plant material to later prepare for extraction. As a company built around science and methodology, Apex is making some of the best cured resin you’ll find on shelves, and at prices that aren’t hard to swallow. We’re a big fan of Cake Boss, another Indica-dominant hybrid, especially if your ideal 710 involves a couch, some snacks, and whatever’s on Netflix.

Highlights Lemon Peel x Do-Si-Dos

Cured Badder Chips $25.99

Lemon Peel x Do-Si-Dos cured badder chips is another of our favorites from Highlights, who always get it right where it matters most: taste, cost, and world-class genetics. Cured badder chips, by the way, are just what they sound like: small pieces of cured badder in a hardened, chip form. What’s to love about Lemon Peel x Do-Si-Dos? Vibrant and bursting with citrus, this strain is a top-notch mood booster as well as a reliable pick-me-up after a long day of getting after it.

Stiiizy Sunset Sherbert

Live Diamonds $34.99

If you’ve never seen high-end live diamonds before, Stiiizy’s Sunset Sherbert is one heck of a way to get up to speed. Like their namesake, diamonds are pretty! More technically, diamonds are what we call the crystalline structures that develop in live sauce. In that form, they contain THCA – an ultra-potent cannabinoid cousin of THC. Sound like fun? Then go for the best with some Sunset Sherbert from Stiiizy, which hits hard and delivers an amazing flavor profile of berries, earth, and bubble gum.

Flavor Biohazard OG

Crumble $23.99

Last on our tour through the land of concentrates is the crumble. As you’ve likely guessed by now, crumble refers to the form this concentrate takes. Taken on its own or combined with flower, crumble is a somewhat less involved option when compared with sauces and the like. One of our top picks is Flavor’s Biohazard OG – a crumble featuring a cross between Chem 91 (Skunk VA) and Do-Si-Dos. Expect notes of everything from cookie dough to diesel, as well as a super strong high that earns the warning “biohazard.”