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We do not sell your personal information with third parties.

Consumers who wish to receive a copy of our Do Not Call policy or who wish to be placed on our company’s Do Not Call list may do so by contacting us:

By phone: 408-456-0429

By email:

By mail:
752 Commercial Street
San Jose, California 95112

Upon receipt of a Do Not Call policy request we will mail the policy promptly to the consumer by regular US mail provided the complete mailing information is provided. Upon receipt of a request for a phone number to be placed on our Do Not Call list it will be placed on our list within five (5) business days from the date of the request. Further, it will take up to a total of ten (10) days from the receipt of your request to completely remove a phone number form all our calling lists. Please keep in mind that by placing your number on the Do Not Call list you may be excluded from certain offers that are presented by telephone in the future.

At a minimum, a request to be placed on the Do Not Call list must include a legible phone number that is to be placed on the list. We prefer all requests to be placed on the Do Not Call list include the full and complete requestor’s information.

If a consumer’s number has been placed on the Do Not Call list and the consumer changes their phone number or establishes any new phone numbers at their location it is the consumer’s responsibility to contact us at the above listed location to place their new number(s) on the Do Not Call list.

If you have an existing business relationship with us, by placing your name on the company Do Not Call list, you are simply excluding your number from future calls and offers by telephone. Being on the Do Not Call list does not affect your status as our customer. Your number will remain on the Do Not Call list for ten (10 years from the time you place the number on the list or update it.

Telephone Representatives are trained on our Do Not Call policies at the time of their initial training. Further, Telephone Representatives are retrained on our Do Not Call policy every six (6) months.

In the unlikely event a consumer receives a phone call from our company after they have requested to be placed on the Do Not Call list, an internal investigation will be performed upon receipt of the report.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served you and if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

The Purple Lotus Team

This privacy and disclosure policy may be changed at any time. Changes will appear on this page, with the effective date of change included.