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Get Dabs for Dad This Father’s Day at Purple Lotus
June 18, 2021

Get Dabs for Dad This Father’s Day at Purple Lotus

Beat the heat and celebrate pops with sauces, rosin, and more (oh my)!

Let’s face it: buying a good gift for Father’s Day can be a real chore.

For as long as we’ve had a holiday dedicated to dads, it feels like we’ve been giving them ties, shirts, cufflinks, and other things that often spend the rest of their lives in the back of a closet. In a way, it’s simply the natural order of things, but also, maybe there’s another way?

If you’re tired of struggling to buy the right present for your pops, Purple Lotus is here with a simple suggestion for ensuring your dad rides high on Father’s Day: dabs. While the potency of dabs requires a certain degree of base tolerance to ensure the experience is enjoyable but not overwhelming, they also represent an amazing opportunity to introduce dad to today’s wild world of weed.

Representing a diverse rainbow of flavors, effects, and extraction techniques, products like live rosin, cured badder, and more will be quite the revelation for fathers used to skunk flower in shoddily-rolled joints. Obviously, having such a wealth of choice does come with its own challenges: namely, that of knowing which ones to buy!

But don’t worry! In the hopes of helping to ensure you and your old man enjoy a smooth, satisfactory Father’s Day celebration, Purple Lotus has put together a list of highlights from of our menu to ensure you deliver the goods when it comes to Dabs for Dad.

Raw Garden  Live Sauce

Straight from the soil to your dab rig: that’s the Raw Garden guarantee. Extracted from Raw Garden flower grown nearby in Central California, the brand’s entirely organic-based, Clean Green-certified, rigorously tested products continue earn raves. The flavor is also incredible, thanks in part to Raw Garden cryogenically flash-freezing their harvests. To taste the magic for yourself, grab their Indica-dominant Funk ‘N Fire or hybrid GB6 East live resin sauces, both available now at Purple Lotus!

Stiiizy — Curated Live Resin

Man, STIIIZY just keeps the hits coming, huh? Known for producing high-quality products in a range of categories, STIIIZY’s curated live resin “captures the true essence of the plant in extract form.” Utilizing a process in which the whole plant is cut, harvested, then immediately flash frozen, the result is curated live resin which preserves a full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavor. This line is also deep! The options available at Purple Lotus currently include Rainbow Mintz, Cupcakes, Snow Cone, and Orange Kush.

Feeling Frosty — Headstash Live Rosin

Want to give your dad’s tastebuds an experience they won’t soon forget? Grab some Headstash live rosin from the masters at Feeling Frosty! First of all, this rosin just looks incredible. But what’s headstash, exactly? As our friends at Feeling Frosty put it, the term refers to “the purest rosin with the best terpene profile; containing the top grades from the cultivar.” Sound good? Well you’re in luck, as Purple Lotus has two of their finest offerings available now: Graperade and Pralines 31.

Kayla Extracts — Fresh Press Live Rosin

Kayla Extracts are synonymous with top-of-the-line quality extracts. If you’re looking to get the cannabis equivalent of a Rolex for your dear dad this year, Kayla Extracts has you covered. In 2020, the Oakland-based operation swept the podium at the Emerald Cup, bestowing upon them the mantle of one of the best of the best in the ultra-competitive world of solventless hash. In terms of what to go for, specifically, they are simply no wrong answers here. Head to Purple Lotus and see this gold for yourself!

Apex — Cured Resin

Founded in 2017, Oakland’s Apex Extractions was one of the first cannabis manufacturers and distributors to get licensed in the state of California. And they’ve made great use of their time, perfecting a formula for delicious cured resin that has earned them a legion of diehard fans. Ready to let your father in on the fun? At Purple Lotus, we’ve got a ton of great options in the Apex cured resin line, including Lava Diesel, OG Runtz, Pink Garlic, and Super Glue x Crippler.

Flavor — Shatter 

Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Perhaps a generous serving of Flavor’s Strawberry Pudding shatter will do the trick! That’s because Flavor Concentrates bills themselves as “the answer to what concentrates enthusiasts have been looking for.” A big proclamation, yes, but one Flavor has made good on with everything from crumble to live resin. Purple Lotus is proud to carry Flavor’s Strawberry Pudding shatter, which, despite its hard form, makes for an easy sell when it comes to satisfying true concentrate-heads.

Highlights — Cured Badder

Get Connected! That’s the goal at Connected Cannabis Co., who continues their mission with the release of Highlights: a “new line of cured concentrates using fresh indoor, A-grade trim processed by quality manufacturers.” Without skimping on quality, Highlights offer you and your pops a chance to experience high-end genetics at great value! Also decked out in fully sweet packaging, Purple Lotus currently carries the following badders in the line: Fruity Cookies x Jet Fuel, Gelonade x Biscotti, Lemon Peel x Do-Si-Dos, and Zkittlez x Kush Mints.

Punch — Cold Cure Live Rosin

If your dad enjoys a cold beer, elevate his game with the gift of cold cure live rosin. At Purple Lotus, we’re partial to Punch Extracts—the concentrate arm of Punch Edibles. If you’re familiar with the brand’s popular Punch Bars, you’ll know they mean business when it comes to quality cannabis products. As an added bonus, Punch pays your dollars forward by providing California veterans and medicinal patients with cannabis chocolates at no cost. Come visit today and check out our array of Punch cold cure live rosins, which currently includes Bomb Mints, Fat Berries, Fruity P., Orange Punch Berries, and Papaya Mintz!