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PLUS Strains!

Perhaps what they say is true…it’s what’s inside that matters the most.

Introducing a first of its kind edible, PLUS Strains!

Celebrating the cannabis classics, Lemon Jack, Grandaddy Purple, and Pineapple Express, we’ve unlocked what we love about the flower in a great-tasting gummy!

From flavors to feels, our gummies are crafted to evoke the effects and match every mood you remember from these notorious, nostalgic nugs! We wanted to illustrate the authentic attributes of the plant in a way that pays homage to these beloved, OG strains. So we did.

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It’s What’s Inside That Matters the Most

1. All-natural, real fruit ingredients for flavors of the flower

Gathering grapes, lemons, and pineapples, we’ve squeezed all-natural fruit juice into each bite, to blend that familiar, fruit-forward flavor into every Strains gummy.

  • A balanced blend of sweet and sour, our Lemon Jack gummies tease the tongue with a squeeze of Eureka and Meyer lemon.
  • Our Pineapple Express gummies are a juicy pineapple punch to the palate with subtle hints of orange and lemon.
  • Nicknamed GDP, our Granddaddy Purple gummies elicit that infamous bold marionberry and great grape taste!

Tailored terpenes for a tailored high

We tailored the terpene blends for each batch to deliver the thrill of a Sativa in our Lemon Jack gummies, the chill of an Indica in our Granddaddy Purple gummies, and the balanced bliss from a hybrid high in our Pineapple Express gummies!

Don’t believe us? Flip the tin and find out for yourself.
We believe in transparency and stand behind every ingredient that goes into our gummies, including our potent terpenes, which is why on the back of every Strains package there is a QR code.

Each code connects you to a Lucid Green website, providing detailed information about the product, the terpene potency levels, ingredients, expected effects, dosage recommendations and even testing certificates.

2. Full Spectrum Oil for the full effect

Finally, we fused the fruit and terpenes with the whole plant, full-spectrum oil. Pulled from the plant, this pure and potent ingredient is what gives you the entire entourage effect for a truly holistic high. Full-spectrum means each compound and cannabinoid- every part of the potion- mixes together to make magic. They ignite each other to amplify their individual attributes, a fantastic phenomenon called the entourage effect. Which for you feels (freaking) fantastic!

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