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One Bite and It’s Goodnight!


Introducing PLUS Dual Action Sleep gummies!


Ever since launching two best-selling Sleep gummies, the culinary artisans and industry-leading scientists at PLUS have been developing a way to bring even better sleep to consumers by developing a new dual action formula that combines emulsified THC with a blissful blend of CBN, CBD and ten sleep terpenes.

PLUS Sleep gummies are the first Dual Action Sleep gummies* that solves the two biggest problems in sleep: falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer:

● Fast Acting: Rapid onset technology starts putting you to sleep in 8 just minutes.
● Long Lasting: Smart formulation keeps you achieve restful asleep throughout the night.

Tailor Made Experience: Specific cannabinoids hit when you need them the most for a great night of sleep

The #1 desired attribute for any sleep aid is to fall asleep faster. PLUS Sleep gummies now feature emulsified THC to increase speed of onset, with most users feeling effects in just 8 minutes – faster than competitive sleep gummies on the market.

Our research shows that 2 out of 3 people are also looking for help staying asleep longer. PLUS Sleep gummies are formulated with a blissful blend of CBN, CBD and 10 sleep terpenes to provide a powerful, sedating entourage effect that allows you to enjoy a longer, more restful slumber. These cannabinoids kick in 30-60 minutes from consumption because they are delivered via conventional gut absorption and are metabolized slowly to carry you through your sleep cycle til the morning!

1 great night of sleep, 2 options

PLUS Sleep gummies are offered in two unique THC : CBN : CBD ratios and feature our
proprietary sleep terpene blend, and the all-new Dual Action formula.

● Cloudberry offers a stronger dose with 5mg THC for a strong psychoactive effect.

● Lychee is a lighter dose option with 1mg of THC and a higher dosage of CBD to eliminate concerns of a “cannabis hangover” the next morning.

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