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Introducing Blue Chip's Fall Strains
October 5, 2021

Introducing Blue Chip's Fall Strains

Purple Lotus Brings the Heat with a Trio of New Strains from Blue Chip

Blue Chip Genetics are cannabis cultivators that have truly earned their name. 

The result of two biochemists who began hunting and cross-breeding genotypes in Santa Rosa all the way back in 2008, today the company enjoys a stellar reputation as one of California’s most revered and respected operations. Heck, Blue Chip’s signature, eponymous strain was so popular that it even got folks like Tommy Chong to make the trip to Purple Lotus to try these famed buds for themselves.

To get to that point took years of effort and countless experimentation, all done in the name of creating the best possible cannabis for consumers to enjoy. From a year-long pheno hunt to find rare and exotic seeds from all over the world to the eventual construction of a $1 million cultivation facility right here in San Jose, Blue Chip’s team of geneticists continue to work tirelessly to this day to bring the best cannabis has to offer to our shelves and into your hands.

Today, Purple Lotus is thrilled to announce a trio of new options from Blue Chip that are now available on our menu, joining the ranks of perennial favorites like Gangsta Bird, The Glove, Butter Mintz, and Georgia Pie.

First up is Blue Chip’s Apricot Jelly

Featuring a citrus scent that hints at this strain’s refreshingly tropical taste, Apricot Jelly is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with the fruit tones of ripe apricots. Developed by In-House Genetics, this cross of the rare Irene Apricot with Jelly Breath Bx1 offers a uniquely delicious flavor combined with effects well-suited to those seeking an up-beat burst of euphoria and creativity. If you’re someone who enjoys starting your day off with a toke, Blue Chip’s Apricot Jelly is the perfect companion to a hot cup of coffee to get you moving and feeling fantastic.


The second of our new Blue Chip strain additions is GG4.

Billed as an artisan crossing of Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb, this potent offering delivers an aroma the blends notes of pine, chocolate, and diesel. The result is a relaxing and euphoric high that will have your body melting into the nearest piece of furniture like a perfectly cooked s’more. Reputed for hitting hard and serving as a great way to get yourself relaxed in a hurry, GG4 is an ideal strain to turn to after a long day. From its oversized, fluffy nugs to its taste combining mocha, spices, and some serious funk, GG4 is an ideal representation of everything Blue Chip does best.


Last but most definitely not least is Blue Chip Runtz

Named in honor of the iconic, fruit-shaped candy, Runtz is a hybrid strain that evenly balances indica and sativa to provide a high that hits your head in a hurry before serenely spreading across the rest of your body. As its namesake might imply, Runtz is also extremely tasty, featuring a flavor that combines tropical citrus and sour berries galore. The result of a cross between another strain with a candy-affiliated name (Zkittlez) and one named for an iconic frozen Italian dessert (Gelato), the results are a mouthwateringly tasty adventure that will take you on a journey towards a calming, sleepy high.


As always, the menu at Purple Lotus is ever-changing as part of our commitment to always bring you the best the cannabis world has to offer. However, one thing that will never change is our long-standing support of Blue Chip and the amazing strains they continue to deliver for our consumers to enjoy.

To try any or all of this spectacular new trio of Blue Chip strains, visit our San Jose storefront at 752 Commercial St. or place an order for pick-up or delivery via our website at

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