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Types of Extracts: Rosin, Oil, and Live Resin
June 23, 2022

Types of Extracts: Rosin, Oil, and Live Resin

The concentrate world can be confusing for new and even experienced cannabis consumers. The extraction method, starting material, consistency, potency, and purity are all factors that determine the quality of your cannabis concentrate.

Our Concentrates guide will help you better understand these factors and help you decide between Rosin, Cannabis Oil, or Live Resin next time you shop at Purple Lotus.

What are the benefits of Cannabis Concentrates?

Consumers needing a potent dose of cannabis to ease symptoms may find dabbing or vaporizing concentrates to be an efficient way to deliver relief. Clean concentrates are also considered to be a healthier choice because they strip out the resin-producing plant material.

What is cannabis extraction?

Cannabis extraction is similar to the processes used to decaffeinate coffee, produce vitamins, and create essential oils. In cannabis, the main compounds producers are looking to extract are cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes. Both these compounds provide the aroma, flavor, and effect of the final product.

How are cannabis concentrates extracted?

Concentrates are made using a variety of extraction methods and solvents in processes that utilize pressure in a safe, closed-loop system. Cannabis concentrates can be divided into two main categories:

Solvent Extractions
Solvents strip compounds from the plant, leaving behind a highly potent liquid solution. Popular solvents include butane, propane, CO2, and alcohol.

Solventless Extractions
Solventless extractions do not introduce any foreign substances. Although water is technically a solvent, ice-water extractions are typically classified as solventless extractions in cannabis.

How do I determine a concentrate’s quality?

Concentrates are referred to by their consistency, i.e. shatter, budder or wax. Keep in mind, however, that the same extraction method can deliver a variety of consistencies in the final product, so this alone does not indicate quality.

The only guaranteed way to determine concentrate quality is lab testing. Lab tests measure residual solvents, contaminants, and cannabinoid content.

Oil (Supercritical CO2 Oil, Hash Oil, Butane Hash Oil, BHO, RSO)
Oil is a gooey, sticky liquid that can be hard to handle. For this reason, oils are often offered in plastic syringes for easier use. Oils can retain a full flavor profile with THC levels being less consistent.

Rosin (Live Rosin, Resin)
The consistency and clarity of rosin can range from clear shatter to creamy budder. This method uses low heat and high pressure to extract concentrates from flowers or hash, instead of using solvents. To make your own rosin, all you need is the flower, parchment paper, and a hair straightener!

How to Consume Concentrates

To consume concentrates, a concentrate is heated by the device until a vapor is released, which is then inhaled.

Dab/Vape Pens
Pens offer a portable option for smoking wax/shatter/oil. Some pens use a pre-loaded cartridge; others have internal chambers to be loaded with concentrate by the user.

Dab Rig
Using a dab rig requires special equipment and is probably the most difficult way to consume cannabis in general. New technology is being developed which is making dab rigs easier to use, but this equipment can be expensive.

Concentrates are also commonly consumed with flowers. Many patients coat their joints or bowls with concentrates for an added dose of relief.

Where do I store my concentrates?

Because cannabis concentrates are often sticky, we recommend storing them in parchment paper or non-stick silicone containers.

Keep them in a cool environment.

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