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6 Tips for Choosing a Cannabis Delivery Service in San Jose
September 20, 2020

6 Tips for Choosing a Cannabis Delivery Service in San Jose

Are you overwhelmed at how many cannabis delivery services there are not only in San Jose but within the Bay Area?

As the volume of cannabis delivery services increase, and with acclimation to your weekly flow from your commute to now working from home, we have you covered on some helpful tips to take into account when selecting the best cannabis delivery service for your lifestyle.

1. Check What Products Are Available for Delivery

The first thing you want to know is what products are available for delivery, as not all dispensaries will bring all of their goods to your door. You might desire a delivery service that only provides edibles.

You may even prefer a dispensary that has some variety on the menu. Whatever it may be, make sure that you can get your favorite items brought to your front door.

2. Check How Consistent the Menu Is

Some people like an ever-changing menu, while others prefer to know their favorite product is available when they want it. If you’d rather hit the reorder button instead of having to try and find something similar to your usual order, then you’re best to find a cannabis delivery service with a consistent menu.

3. Find Out Minimum Order Amounts and Additional Fees

Most cannabis delivery services will have a minimum order amount and a service fee. Some dispensaries waive the fee if you spend more. For example, with Purple Lotus, if you spend $100 pretax and live in the South Bay area, then you can avoid paying the service fee.

4. Understand How Drivers Are Chosen

Just like you want to practice safe cannabis use, you want your dispensary to ensure they choose trustworthy employees to deliver their products. Some stores will let you track your driver on your phone. But if they don’t, it’s worth knowing if they perform background checks on their staff to ensure you don’t have any unwelcome guests show up at your door.

5. Make Sure They’re a Division-Approved Source

The Division of Cannabis Regulation in San Jose has approved several cannabis delivery services in the Bay Area. Choosing one of these dispensaries ensures you’re receiving the highest quality products from a legitimate source.

6. What Do Customers Think of Its Cannabis Delivery Service?

If you’re on the fence on a dispensary, then it’s worth reading some references and reviews to see how the experience has been for other customers. Find out how the cost of delivery compares to other providers, what the staff interactions have been like, and how simple the ordering process is.

Want To Make An Order?

Our cannabis delivery service is simple to use. Browse through our menu and select the products you’re interested in. Then make sure to choose delivery before hitting the checkout button and confirming your order.

You’ll receive a confirmation via text message, and then all you have to do is sit back and wait for your products to show up.