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Weed Brands by Purple Lotus

Lotus Carts

Purple Lotus is renowned for providing premium-quality cannabis vape cartridges under the hour brand Lotus Carts. Each strain is handpicked and expertly crafted to offer the ultimate vaping experience. Our cartridges are user-friendly and discreet, making them the perfect option for anyone seeking a high-quality cannabis experience on the go. Trust Purple Lotus to bring you the best in cannabis vaping with Lotus Carts.

Blue Chip

A cut above the rest, Blue Chip is derived from years of research and proprietary grow technology, which has allowed us to maximize and optimize potency, flavor, and the look of the plant. There are very good reasons why people travel from all over the world to try famous Blue Chip products. Through aggressive experimentation, we’ve produced the most exotic and rare strains available.

Bay Life

Artisan strains of the bay area exclusively at Purple Lotus. Taste the bay with Bay Life lemon cherry gelato, this indica dominant hybrid is a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies. True to its name, this strain delivers a crisp lemon and sweet berry taste. Its effects will leave you with a full-body relaxing high, melting away any stress.


Astro is a premium cannabis brand that aims to bring a unique, space-aged experience to its customers. With a focus on high-quality, out-of-this-world strains and products, Astro offers an elevated journey through the galaxy of cannabis. From the futuristic packaging to the carefully curated selection of strains, every aspect of the Astro brand is designed to transport you to a new level of cannabis enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a curious explorer, Astro is the brand for those who want to elevate their cannabis experience to new heights.