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Heavy Hitters

Family-owned and operated to this day, Heavy Hitters has been a symbol of cannabis culture since 1996. With a legacy of disrupting & refining, we’ve seen many trends rise and fall, but we’ve stayed true to our roots chasing the ultimate high. Having sold more than 10 million units, Heavy Hitters has set the bar for the industry. Representing the most successful premium cannabis brand on the market, our legacy is built on the pursuit of master craftsmanship. From oils and edibles to pre-rolls, all of our products are crafted using only the finest hardware and input materials to deliver best-in-class products for experienced users. Twenty-seven years in the making, many have come and gone, but only one hits heavy.

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    1. Midnight Cherry | Indica - Lights Out CBN Sleep Gummies - 100mg THC | 100mg CBN
    2. Green Crack | Sativa - Lights On THCV Energy Gummies - 100mg THC | 50mg THCV
    3. Sour Peach | Sativa - Fast-Acting Gummies - 100mg THC
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