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Dr. Norm's

Founded by the brother/sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson, and named after their dad, LA-based Dr. Norm’s has become the premier cannabis baked goods company in California. Starting with their OG 10mg Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dr. Norm’s has grown into a trusted brand now offering a wide array of amazing tasting baked goods including cookies of many flavors, doses, and effects, a line of Rice Crispy Treats, Brownies, Blondies and their recent extension - a fast-acting Nano line of delectable treats. They’ve just launched an exciting initiative called Dr. Norm’s RX, a suite of scientifically formulated products that address sleep, chronic pain, inflammation, gut health, and much more to come. With the RX brand, Dr. Norm’s has widened their offerings to include Gummies, Vapes, Brownie Bites, and Pressed Tablets to name a few. Products in our initial SleepWell line have become a popular hit throughout California. For more information please visit

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