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Unleash the Power of Blue Chip: Discover Exceptional Cannabis Strains at Purple Lotus

Jan 19, 2023

Introducing Blue Chip cannabis strains, a premium offering available at Purple Lotus. Derived from years of research and proprietary growing technology, Blue Chip strains are renowned for their exceptional potency, flavor, and appearance. People travel worldwide to try our famous Blue Chip products, made from only the highest integrity cannabis. Established in 2014, Blue Chip has grown to include flower, merchandise, and apparel, all of which carry our well-recognized and highly sought-after brand. at Purple Lotus.

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Blue Chip flower is grown in-house at Purple Lotus’s state-of-the-art facility in San Jose. The Blue Chip strains available at Purple Lotus include:

Buttermilk, with a THC level of 26.46%, is a hybrid strain (Gelatti x Pancakes) known for its savory, doughy flavor with a hint of vanilla and nutty tones.

Face On Fire, with a THC level of 25.11%, is a hybrid strain (Fire OG x Face OFF OG) that packs a powerful psychoactive punch and is best reserved for experienced consumers. Expect a crushing full-body high and dizzying euphoria that can help ease physical discomfort and relax your body.

Forty One, with a THC level of 23.54%, is a rare hybrid strain created by crossing the famous Gelato #41. It has rare genetics and is known for its highest quality and is perfect for those looking for unique genetics combined with high quality.

Guava Lemonade #22, with a THC level of 23.85%, is a hybrid strain known for its sweet and fruity flavors, thick smoke, and deep body high with a euphoric heady lift.

Heavenly Devine Kush (HDK), with a THC level of 26.72%, is a hybrid strain bred by crossing Platinum Kush Breath and Divine Gelato #3. Known for its frosty trichomes, sweet and earthy terpenes, and sedative properties, this strain is perfect for nighttime use and eases pain.

Original Jack, with a THC level of 26.37%, is a sativa hybrid strain with Jack Herer roots. Known for its intense citrus, piney, and earthy taste, it’s perfect for daytime use and will give you energy and bliss to stay productive throughout your high.

Rainbow Runtz, with a THC level of 37.00%, is a balanced hybrid strain (Skittlez x Do-Si-Dos) that brings the heat with its unique nose, flavor, and potency. Expect colorful buds with purple undertones, fruity candy flavor, and a strong high.

Zerbert #12, with a THC level of 27.25%, is a hybrid strain known for its candy and fruity flavors, thick smoke, and deep body high with a euphoric heady lift.

RS-11(rainbow sherbert #11) is an iconic strain (Pink Guava x OZK) that changed the game with its unique flavor and powerful punch. Expect relaxing and sedative effects with flavors of exotic fruits and diesel gas.

Blue Runtz with THC 30.91% (Blueberry x White Rhino) This indica strain earned its name from its candy flavor that can satisfy any sweet tooth. Expect a sweet berry aroma with hints of vanilla citrus.

Trust us for top-notch quality at great value. Experience the unique excellence of Blue Chip cannabis at Purple Lotus.

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