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What Does Good Weed Look Like
July 7, 2022

What Does Good Weed Look Like

Cannabis, commonly used for recreational purposes, has also proven to be effective in treating various medical conditions. For this reason, the use of weed has been legalized in several states in the United States. Due to the increasing popularity of weed, more people are beginning to try them out. However, to fully tap into the benefits of weed, it's best to consume top-quality weed. As an active user, you should be able to tell the difference between good and bad weed when you're out weed shopping.
Though distinguishing good Cannabis from bad weed can be a bit tricky. However, with the right knowledge, differentiating the two weeds becomes much easier.
If your wish is to be able to recognize a good weed, you're in luck because this article will enlighten you on how to spot a good weed.

How To Recognize A Good Weed

Firstly, it's necessary to note that there are different categories of weed; Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strain. Each of these strains of weed has unique characteristics, produces different effects, and suits different purposes; therefore, it can't be said that one strain is better than the other. However, to recognize the good version of your desired weed strain, it's important to take note of the following;

Bud Structure

The structure of Cannabis buds differs depending on the type of Cannabis strain. Properly grown, nurtured, and harvested Indica strains usually have denser and tighter bud structures. On the other hand, Cannabis buds with a more dominant Sativa strain are fluffy and light in structure. If you're out shopping for weed and you're given super-hard Cannabis buds, it's mostly an indication that the Cannabis plant was poorly cultivated. Hard Cannabis buds could also mean that plant growth regulators (PGRs) were used to boost the growth of the Cannabis plants, which often causes the buds to have an unpleasant taste. Also, super-soft or fluffy Cannabis buds could be an indicator that the Cannabis plant was grown poorly and received insufficient light.


One of the most significant signs of a good weed is the pleasant and pungent smell it gives. Cannabis plants contain a chemical compound called terpenes that is responsible for its pungent fragrance, also called skunk. Though the type of terpene present in a strain of Cannabis varies, it could smell like pine, mango, lemon, and other fragrance. If the plant were properly cultivated but harvested early, it'd give a light or mild fragrance. However, if the plant is allowed to grow older to complete maturity, it'll produce a strong fragrance. Nevertheless, whether it's a young Cannabis plant or an older one, you can't mistake the aroma and taste of perfectly cultivated, harvested, and processed weed. If weed doesn't smell skunky pleasant or outrightly smells bad, it's a signal that the weed is bad.


Most top-quality weeds are greenish; it often varies between neon green to bland green. It's also possible to find good Cannabis buds that have a touch of purple or blue which usually signals the presence of anthocyanin. However, Cannabis buds that appear brown, yellow, or tan are mostly low-quality weeds. When you're shopping for good quality weed, look out for fresh, vibrant colors; it can also have red or orange hairs. In addition, stay away from Cannabis that contains molds and rot.

Trichomes Content

Cannabis trichomes are the glistening crystal-like appendages that appear on the surface of Cannabis buds, leaves, bract, and other parts of the Cannabis plant. Trichomes help to hold the terpenes, flavor, and cannabinoids present in Cannabis. They're the frosty sugar-like crystals you see on your weed. The presence of trichomes in weed indicates that Cannabis is of good quality, potent, and effective. Therefore, endeavor to pay attention to the trichomes on Cannabis buds before you buy them.


The purpose of trimming is to remove the excess leaf from the Cannabis buds and allow consumers to have easy access to the concentrates in the buds. Trimming helps the weed to look good and attractive. Even if Cannabis is grown and harvested properly, poor trimming can make a good way turn bad. Trimming can be done when the buds are fresh or after they've dried up. There's no actual perfect way for trimming, but it's preferable to choose hand-trimmed weeds over machine-trimmed weeds. When choosing weeds, make sure to select the ones with fewer leaves and be careful not to choose weeds where the buds have been chopped away.

Weed Content

Good weeds are carefully hand-picked and perfectly cured; they should also contain only Cannabis buds. When you notice foreign content or contaminants such as seeds, roots, and stems in your Cannabis, that means the weed is low quality. Cannabis stems and seeds contain no potent compound that can give you a high feeling, so when they're present in the pot, the weed is bad. Contaminants can reduce the efficacy of the buds in your weeds; therefore, make sure to avoid buying contaminated weeds.

The Shelf Arrangements

If you're licensed to purchase Cannabis in a dispensary, you should take note of where the Cannabis is picked on the shelf. In dispensaries, Cannabis buds are arranged according to their grades, with the low grade at the bottom of the shelf and high-quality Cannabis at the top shelf. Most times, top-shelf weeds have been perfectly cured and contain substantial amounts of THC. Though top-shelf weeds tend to be more expensive, they taste great, produce a pleasant musk aroma, and are highly potent.
Bottom shelf weeds are usually low-quality weeds; they're cheap, less potent, less attractive, and could also be poorly trimmed. Bottom shelf weeds are mostly suitable for beginners and not for anyone who's used to good weeds. Mid-shelf weeds have standard potency, are affordable, and moderately potent; they provide the perfect moderately high feeling.
Bad weed can expose you to potential health issues; hence endeavor to consume good weed. Also, endeavor to purchase weed from reputable dispensaries to avoid buying contaminated, poorly cultivated, and processed weed.

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