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Purple Lotus is Bringing the Jungle (Boys) Home
September 2, 2021

Purple Lotus is Bringing the Jungle (Boys) Home

Our menu just keeps getting better with the addition of select strains from the legendary Jungle Boys collective, available now!

When it comes to certifiable legends of the game, you can’t do better than the Jungle Boys. With over a decade of experience, the famed Los Angeles collective quickly outgrew their humble backyard beginnings on their way to becoming one of most respected, in-demand cannabis operations anywhere in the world.

To be certain, earning such a stellar reputation takes a ton of work. When a new Jungle Boys strain hits shelves, it’s often the end result of a years’ long process that starts with the careful preservation of mother plants as well as extensive flowering efforts in pursuit of the best possible cuts. That’s in addition to Jungle Boys’ never-ending hunt for best and boldest phenotoypes – a staple of their brand.

Simply put, it’s always a special occasion when you’re smoking Jungle Boys’ cannabis.

Before now, however, getting your hands on the latest and best from this crew meant going to an official Jungle Boys retail location. That’s why we decided to make it our mission to find a way to bring this crown jewel cannabis a little closer to home.

Today, Purple Lotus is thrilled to announce that your next safari in search of Jungle Boys is as simple as paying us a visit. As one of the select few non-Jungle Boys retail operations now carrying the collective’s impressive offerings, Purple Lotus invites you to come see what all the fuss is about for yourself! 

At present, we currently have eight Jungle Boys strains available – each a shining example of what makes these SoCal cultivating champs so special. With more strains coming to our menu shortly, we’re proud to serve as a San Jose home for some of the best flower you’ll find anywhere in the world.

To kick things off, here’s a rundown on a few of the Jungle Boys strains we have available right now. Read on and welcome to the jungle!

Zack’s Cake

$59.99, 3.5g, THC 26.53%

Ready to have your cake and eat it too? That’s the dream made reality by Zack’s Cake – a cross of Zack’s Pie (think Grape Pie) and Jungle Cake (think Wedding Cake) that delivers an even hybrid of indica and sativa. Popular both for the balanced high it delivers as well as its absolutely delicious flavor, Zack’s Cake is a great option for those seeking to mellow their minds while getting a pleasant burst of euphoria as well. Basically, if you need a nap but can’t be knocked out for the rest of the day, try a “slice” of Zack’s Pie to cure what ails you!


Florida Sundae

$59.99, 3.5g, THC 26.27%

Sundaes are known for being decadent, and Florida Sundae by Jungle Boys is no exception. This indica-dominant strain features a potent cross of Jungle Boys’ exclusive Sundae Driver phenotype with their TK Bx1 triangle kush backcross, meaning you can expect some seriously uplifting effects to go along with a somewhat skunky flavor bursting with earthy notes and citrus overtones. Ideal for those in need of a creative boost or something to soothe cranky nerves, everything about this strain – from how smooth it hits to its incredible effects – is a perfect example of what Jungle Boys are all about.


Jungle Fire

$59.99, 3.5g, THC 27.47%

Want something that brings the heat? Try Jungle Fire, which features a cross between two iconic Jungle Boys’ strains: Jungle Mints and Jungle Cake. Together, this blend of the collective’s proprietary crosses of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints translates to a veritable cannabis superfood packed with all the best aspects we know and love about indica-dominant flower. Boasting a uniquely earthy taste and a fittingly strong potency, Jungle Fire is a strain that most definitely lives up to its name.


Mike Tai

$59.99, 3.5g, THC 28.7%

Refreshing barely scratches the surface when it comes to describing Mike Tai by Jungle Boys. That’s because this strain is a four-part cross featuring Gelato #45, Larry OG, Mai Tai, and Jungle Cake. Fortunately, putting all that cannabis goodness together into one epic strain is a promise Mike Tai delivers on every time. Much like the rum-based beverage of a similar name, this strain packs quite a punch, making it ideally suited for some end-of-the-day rest and relaxation. Another element Mike Tai shares in common with vacation cocktails are the delectable sweet, fruity notes that compliment every puff. In conclusion, if you’re ready to seriously relax, look no further than Mike Tai.


But wait, there’s more! Check out our website for more amazing Jungle Boys strains, including Frosted Kush, Junglato, LA Kush Cake, Lemon Mints, and Triangle Larry. If you didn’t already have plans this summer, well, you certainly do now!

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