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Growing Fire with Connected Cannabis
November 18, 2020

Growing Fire with Connected Cannabis

Written by the Connected Cannabis Team

Connected isn’t new to the game by any means. Starting back in 2009, our founders opened up their first dispensary in Sacramento, California under the name Fruitridge Health & Wellness, with limited cash and one modest line of credit. Being in the retail market, we quickly learned that there was a complete lack of high-quality cannabis on the market and it was really difficult to find the type of quality that we were looking for at the time. And so began the humble beginnings of the first Connected grow operations in 2010, although, we had no brand name at the time. We popped up a 5,000 square foot warehouse and 36 grow lights across the street from our dispensary and began testing every growing technique known to man at the time.

Our team caught their first big break in 2011 with a strain fondly dubbed “The Godfather,” a cross between OG Kush and Grandaddy Purps. By strategically introducing stressful growing conditions, we produced a strain that was unlike anything else on the market at the time (legal or otherwise). The strain was unrivaled in color, potency, flavor, and scent. People from all over flocked to our dispensary to get a taste of The Godfather putting our humble shop on the map in California.

The following year, in 2012, federal crackdowns forced many businesses like ours to cease operations. Our team spent the next couple years laying in wait; planning our next moves. After some spontaneous introductions, in our first year as an official brand, we won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for our indoor, outdoor and concentrates. Flavors like Biscotti, Gelato 41 and Gelonade got global recognition and went on to be some of our legacy strains. In 2019 Connected joined forces with Alien Labs and started to embark on their first official breeding program. We built our R&D program to ensure that we will never become complacent.

We are constantly engaging in new breeding trials. One we are most excited about is an upcoming Chem D x Biscotti. Chem D is an old school strain that helped kick off the gasoline fueled strain lineage. By crossing it with Biscotti, we anticipate the most unique terp profiles that we may have ever grown. The magic that guides our breeding program is not just following what everyone else is doing in the market, but taking risks to mashup flavors and create something completely new that no one else is putting out there.

Our products range from our top-shelf indoor, mixed light, and sungrown flower to live resin concentrates and premium pre-rolls. Make sure you check out our new 100% Live Resin pens that are made with 100% fresh frozen buds. That means you can chill out and take a deep breath in knowing that what is going into your lungs doesn’t contain anything other than what nature intended and Connected cultivated. Fire in, Fire out!