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Best 5 Places to Order Weed Delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area
May 13, 2021

Best 5 Places to Order Weed Delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area

With Cannabis legalization gaining more ground in the United States, legal dispensaries and shops are cropping up all over the place.

California is one of the most fast-growing areas for legal cannabis consumption, but that also means that there are plenty of businesses cutting corners.

When it comes to quality cannabis products and a strong business model that caters to customers, finding a good weed delivery or dispensary delivery service matters. People like to know exactly what they are buying, along with the quality, flavor, price, and ratios that are best for their use.

From partnering with the best cultivators and stocking new and interesting products, flower, and weed to getting weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area right, there are a few dispensaries that do it well.

These are the businesses in the best five places to order weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you can find a reliable source for weed delivery and sample the best of the cannabis community.

#1 Purple Lotus

With over a decade of being in the legal cannabis business, it is hard not to put ourselves on top of the list–but we are not the only ones who think Purple Lotus tops the best five places to order weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Purple Lotus is a state licensed cannabis dispensary, which means every product that reaches our shelves has gone through rigorous testing to meet quality standards (the same standards that every agricultural product in California must adhere to).

We have a long history as a dispensary and are proud to be a member of the cannabis community in California. Our founders were medical marijuana patients before legalized adult-use.

Countless visits to dispensaries in the Bay Area, especially San Jose, always led to inconsistent and poor-quality marijuana. The medication was overpriced, overrated, and premium medication was mid-grade at best.

This led to establishing Purple Lotus in 2009, offering a variety of medical marijuana products and services to assist in the treatment of a variety of conditions.

Fast forward to the legalization of recreation adult-use cannabis and we continue to go above and beyond to provide a variety of product choices for each guest. We have some of the best weed delivery services in San Francisco, CA.

Here are some of the largest brand names we offer:

Purple Lotus brings our customers top quality concentrates, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and of course the finest in California-grown cannabis at every price range. With 500+ unique products, there is something for everyone.

We have an ongoing loyalty rewards program, cash and online Treez Pay payment options, and offer fast and free same day delivery to the San Francisco Bay Area.

With weekly deals and specials, including deals on our weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is no other company as involved or motivated in the cannabis industry.

Now, customers get 20% off their first delivery order, along with 15% off $200 orders and 25% off $300 orders. Purple Lotus consistently runs deals for in-store, pickup, and delivery purchases, so our new and returning customers always have something to look forward to.

Purple Lotus cares as much about its community as it does its patients. We strive every day to help those in need inside and out of the patient center. In fact, 100% of all charitable donations go towards helping local families and communities!

We have partnered with many local charities to better not only the cannabis community, but also the entire San Francisco Bay Area community. We hold events throughout the year to help raise money for worthy causes and give back to the community.

2. Eaze

Eaze, a leading cannabis software platform and marketplace, connects adult consumers with licensed dispensaries and products. Eaze enhances safe access to legal cannabis, educates people about cannabis as a tool for wellness, and drives smart cannabis policies.

With on-demand cannabis product delivery and a broad selection of products for any price range, Eaze is one of the best five places for weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

However, Eaze is not available all over California or even all over San Francisco, so be sure to check whether your address is within their delivery area. Since each area utilizes the stock from different dispensaries, not all products are available to all customers.

The marketplace maintains a stock of women and BIPOC-owned cannabis brands to support a greater diversity of business and products.

Additionally, Eaze has a special offer for $30 off first-time customer delivery orders. It also runs regular product deals and promotions, including 25% off products that are “Eaze Picks”.

The marketplace offers flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates, drops, capsules, accessories, and more. Customers can filter selections and choose the products best for their needs.

Eaze is one of California’s largest legal cannabis marketplaces, with over seven million cannabis deliveries to-date.

To place an order on Eaze’s platform, customers are required to provide valid proof of ID, and are then routed to one of Eaze’s local, licensed retail partners.

All deliveries are made by background-checked employees of subsidiary and retail partners, and delivery drivers follow all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety.

The marketplace has developed a Momentum business accelerator and partnered with non-profits and charities though a Social Equity Partners Program to create a more diverse and sustainable industry.

3. Amuse

Amuse delivers high-quality cannabis products safely and conveniently to customers’ doorsteps. With its sleek interface and ease of use, Amuse ranks in the best five places to order weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amuse compiles available products based on customers’ locations and offers a wide variety of brands at low prices. With a safe and easy sign-up and verification process, customers can order products online and get fast delivery right to their homes.

Amuse has one of the best online website design and interfaces for easy ordering and navigation. They offer edibles, cannabis flower, concentrates, vape, topicals, pre-rolls, pills, and more.

The products available to customers differ based on location, with address-based availability since Amuse relies on local dispensaries and businesses to provide products to customers.

Additionally, Amuse offers incentives and deals for existing and new customers.

They have a Refer a Friend program which allows customers to give $20 of credit to a friend and receive $40 of credit to use for themselves.

There is also an Affiliate Program that allows brands to receive a portion of profit that they bring to Amuse.

Amuse always has ongoing deals and product promotions, with frequent 20% off product offers and some deals as much as 50% off regular prices. For example, right now new customers can get $30 off their first order and returning customers can get $5 off their next order.

4. Sava

Sava is a platform that connects consumers with brands that sell high-quality cannabis products.

Sava is one of the best five places to order weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area due to the way it emphasizes community and safety in its business model and the variety of products it offers

The marketplace only lists products that have been lab-tested by a third party and adhere to the industry’s strictest rules and regulations to raise the bar for the cannabis industry.

Sava rigorously vets and hand-picks the highest quality cannabis products, tailored to real-life needs that range anywhere from pain relief to relaxation.

Sava offers $10 towards your order when you sign up for their newsletter and has an ongoing 10% discount for seniors and veterans. They also have frequent sales to provide affordable cannabis products to their customers and community.

The company prides themselves on the human connection and recommendation service they provide, whether by email or text.

What sets Sava apart from other weed delivery options is their dedication to personalized service and commitment to selling minority owned brands. Sava shares the stories of their products and their makers, to make the cannabis experience less mass-produced and more human.

Sava describes itself as a queer, woman, white, Latinx-owned company, and has always maintained that 50% or more of the brands their platform be women-owned.

As of last year, Sava made a commitment to create shelf space for BIPOC-owned brands and at least 20% of the brands they carry are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-owned.

Additionally, Sava frequently raises funds for charity and have partnered with non-profits to do good for the community and to help others with their knowledge of running a successful cannabis business.

5. Buzz Delivery

Buzz Delivery provides patients with easy and discreet access to safe, effective medicinal and recreational cannabis products.

Like its name, Buzz Delivery offers fast delivery and great customer service, making it one of the best five places to order weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They are one of the fastest of the best five places to order weed delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. Buzz offers same day delivery, often with a wait time of only 1-2 hours depending on the customer’s location.

Buzz also has deals and promotions on products and delivery. They have a Give $20, Get $20 Refer A Friend Program, and seniors 65+ and veterans receive an additional 5% off order.

Buzz Delivery has daily product deals and special offers, including a current offer to save 10% on all next day delivery items.

Buzz Delivery provides convenient, professional, and discreet delivery of cannabis products-with intuitive online ordering.

All products that Buzz Delivery has in stock have gone through rigorous lab testing according to the Bureau of Cannabis Controls testing standards. Products are tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, molds, mycotoxins and more.

The delivery service features products from trustworthy and experienced suppliers, and work with well-established, reputable laboratories for product testing. All cannabis products are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, fungicides, and other toxic chemicals.

Additionally, services and products are in full compliance with all requirements of local and state laws, making Buzz Delivery a great option for ordering cannabis products in the San Francisco Bay Area.