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San Jose’s Premier Cannabis Experience

Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service, a comfortable atmosphere, and top quality cannabis for every lifestyle.

Explore San Jose’s only premium cannabis dispensary to find over 50 strains of the Bay Area’s most exotic cannabis and 100’s of cannabis products.

The goal of Purple Lotus is to provide superior customer service, in a comfortable atmosphere, providing exceptional cannabis for every lifestyle. The Lotus team excels in providing outstanding customer service and is committed to meeting your needs for a one of a kind personal experience. As a result, the highest percentage of our guests are referred by friends and family.

We offer daily sales on a variety of products, as well as a 15% discount to Seniors (65+) and Veterans, along with a 10% discount for disability. In addition, we offer a 5% student discount to guests enrolled at San Jose State University, Evergreen, Foothill, De Anza, Stanford and UCSC. Please present valid identification during check-in to receive proper discounts.

Our founders were patients just like you.

You might be asking what makes us different? Our founders were medical marijuana patients before legalized adult-use. Countless visits to dispensaries in the Bay Area, especially San Jose, always led to inconsistent and poor quality marijuana. The medication was over priced, over rated, and premium medication was mid grade at best. This led to establishing Purple Lotus in 2009, offering a variety of medical marijuana products and services to assist in the treatment of a variety of conditions. Fast forward to the legalization of recreation Adult-Use cannabis and we continue  to go above and beyond to bring you top quality concentrates, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and of course the finest in CA grown cannabis at every price range. We aim to provide a variety of choices for each guest.

Purple Lotus is a state licensed cannabis dispensary, which means every product that reaches our shelves has gone through rigorous testing to meet quality standards (the same standards that every agricultural product in CA must adhere to).