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Top 5 Cannabis Brands For Summer

Jun 13, 2022

It’s officially summertime! Did you know that a sunny day is even better when enjoyed with cannabis? We’ve hand-selected the best vapes, edibles, flowers, and more to help you enjoy every ounce of fun this season has to offer.

Whether you’re a heavy or light consumer, looking to kick back and relax or light up a social event, these cannabis products can enhance your experience. 


Bay Life 

For The Bay Area Natives Who Love Summer

bay life

Bay Life by Purple Lotus is all about highlighting the Bay Area lifestyle. Elevate your life with top-shelf strains such as Barry Bonds, Hella Jelly, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Mother’s Milk. 

Flowers are perfectly curated and guaranteed to get you lifted. Break it down and roll it up for your next hike, road trip, or gathering.

Blue Chip

Top Quality Cannabis Strains For Summer  

blue chip

No partnership better illustrates this commitment than our longstanding work with Blue Chip Genetics. Just as the name implies, Blue Chip represents the absolute best when it comes to cannabis strains and genotypes.

Shop quality stairs such as Black Cherry Gelato, Face On Fire, Forty One, and Gelato X.



Innovate, Inspire, and Influence Your Summer  


Stiiizy proudly offers a wide variety of strains that consistently deliver a great smoking experience

Grown in their state-of-the-art lab facility, their premium indoor-grown flower is hand-selected to ensure every eighth is bursting with maximum flavor, potency, and purity. Elevate your pre-roll, flower, cartridges, extract, and edible game. 

Some of the consumers’ favorite strains include Birthday Cake, Pineapple Express, Caribbean Breeze, Chocolatina, and White Raspberry


Cannabis For Every Summer Mood  


PHASES is an effects-based premium line of cannabis flowers created to appeal to anyone looking to elevate their mood, from cannasseurs to the canna-curious

Find the perfect PHASES strain for your favorite summer activity—whether it be socializing and energizing, or resting, relaxing, and recovering.

Shop a selection of top quality PHASES stains such as Dreamcatcher and Reverie


Alien Labs

For The Out Of This World Summer Experience 

alien labs

Alien Labs is a California flower and concentrate brand making small-batch products with individual strains. Their journey began on the medicinal side, and as smokers themselves, they make sure to never create a recreational product they wouldn’t happily use. The highs may vary, but they rarely disappoint.

Aline Labs offers the perfect selection of top-quality cannabis trains perfect for summer. Some of our staff favorites include Creme De Menthe, Omnichronic, Xeno, and Lemon Fuel OG.

Cannabis Delivered 

We’re officially expanding our delivery! Purple Lotus now delivers to the Antioch, Brentwood, and Bay Point areas. Our goal is to deliver within 30 minutes or less, with our new satellite hub specifically for your local area.

Click here to place your order. Delivery for Mother’s Day guaranteed. 

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