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The Best Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and mothers deserve a break. In what was such an unprecedented year, mothers had to change their routines, shop online for the entire family, and navigate a stressful pandemic. Fortunately for you, The Purple Lotus has all the best high-deals to show your love for Mama (even if it’s last-minute!). After all, you can’t go wrong with CANNA-BLISS!


The market is filled with cannabis products aimed at busy moms looking to ease the stress of motherhood. From teas to trees to topicals, there’s something for every mom this Mother’s Day. That’s why The Purple Lotus is glad to help! Specializing in cannabis delivery across the South Bay, the Purple Lotus has all the right products to make your mother’s day LIT for the dopest Mom ever!


Mother’s Day Flowers


Who doesn’t love giving Mama something sweet!? This Mother’s Day pick will have Mama coming back for seconds.


Cru Cannabis for Mother's Day


Check out Peach Cobbler by Cru Cannabis this weekend. It’s a smooth Hybrid combination of Peace Kush, Sour Diesel, and Romulan that’s crossed with Monster Sauce. Its sweet taste of herbs, peaches, and citrus is enough to satisfy any mid-day cravings, and get Mama in the right body and head high to relax and enjoy.

Every Mother Deserves Mother’s Day Treats



Kiva’s award-winning tasty bites, dubbed as “The Blueberries,” are touted as a “dessert” replacement and that couldn’t be more true. These chocolate bites are.

Kiva Terra bites for The Purple Lotus in San Jose Mother's Day Blog

These dried blueberries are dusted with cocoa powder and finished with a generous coating of creamy milk chocolate. Each of these handcrafted treats takes 10+ hours to create. Dosed at 3-5mg per piece, run your mom a bath after gifting her with these flavorful purse stuffers.


Stones’ Cannabis-Infused Flavored Gummies

For the adventurous mom who loves a good time, check out these new edibles from Stones! These fruity gummies come in a few fun flavors, sure to pique Mama’s interest. Check out Watermelon, Tropical, Mango, or Orange Chile at 10mg per piece.

Stones cannabis edibles bags for The Purple Lotus Mother's Day Cannabis blog

Pink agates are formed within cavities of cooled volcanic material of ancient lavas, typically found in South America, which are slowly filled with silica-rich fluids that crystallize into different visible layers over time. These pink-colored agates by Stones are also naturally infused with premium THC and have a sweet watermelon flavor and chili powder finish that’ll make your mouth water!

Mom Needs a Drink! Cannabis-Infused Drinks Mom Will Love.

AbsoluteXtract’s Lagunitas sparkling waters are the latest craze in the infused-beverage market. Not for no reason, too, as these subtle but-flavorful drinks give you just enough of a psychoactive buzz to enhance the night. Choose between a single or 4-pack of CBD or THC-rich are infused from the finest, sun-grown cannabis at AbsoluteXtracts.



A hoppy Lagunitas beverage with zero calories, carbs, or alcohol and 10mg of THC? Yeah, you might be mom’s favorite. These $7.99 singles pack a punch for Mother’s Day brunch or get a 4 pack because these will have you for sure coming back for more. Did we mention they have zero calories?

Mama wants to get knocked out Zzz!

Don’t you think Mom needs a peaceful night off? We do too! Enjoy restorative sleep every time without psychoactive effects. Award-winning Sanna Sleep capsules deliver a precise formulation of isolated cannabinoids and a proprietary blend of sleep-positive terpenes. The result? A highly effective cannabis capsule that’s low in THC. After all, a good night’s rest on Mother’s Day is a high of its own.

Sanna Sleep gummies for Mother's Day in San Jose

If these picks don’t get you buzzing high for Mother’s day, be sure to stop in for many more options of flower, edibles, concentrates, merch, and even a mother’s day gift card! Let us come to you too, or Mama for that matter! 

And don’t forget that we deliver 365 days a year! We’re sure to get Mom high off your love, and maybe a few of these gifts too.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas! We love you.