Behind the Scenes with A Golden State!

Behind the Scenes with A Golden State!

Behind the Scenes with A Golden State!

Written by Nishant Reddy, Founder A Golden State


Cannabis has always been a large and influential part of my life, as I am sure many of you reading this will be able to relate. As early as my teenage years, to throughout my professional career- whether for recreational or medicinal use- cannabis has not only complimented my lifestyle, but truly been an enhancement.

I have so many fond memories, priceless good times, more laughs than I can even recall, and even the tougher moments of life, where cannabis has helped uplift me and bring me back to a better place. I have nothing but love for the plant and a deep pride and sense of responsibility to help share its wonders with everyone.

It was pre-2014, and I was living and working in New York City. Cannabis was very much illegal, with the exception of California which had passed Prop 215 allowing for the sale of medicinal cannabis at licensed dispensaries. As a New Yorker at the time, this was such a foreign concept to me as I was still very much dealing with delivery guys on bicycles with backpacks full of plastic cubes of cannabis – a far cry from today’s recreational market.

I was working on Wall St., averaging 100-hour work weeks for the better part of a decade, and began to experiment with self-treating with cannabis. I was constantly stressed at work; sleep deprived; and operating in a no-mistake, highly technical environment. My peers would burn it on both ends, heavy alcohol consumption was the norm, but that did not sit well with me. I on the other hand, was coming from playing college athletics and was more focused on health and wellness. I wanted to perform at my highest level at work, regardless of the intense demands, as well as train my body and mind to do so.

This is where my journey with cannabis really evolved. Up until this point, I will admit, I was a recreational smoker- I just wanted to get high and have a good time. Now suddenly, I was researching and learning how to use cannabis medicinally to cope with the demands of my job and the resulting problems: insomnia, stress, and anxiety. As I unlocked the infinite powers of the cannabis plant, I was blown away by how effective it was. I could treat all of the ailments I was dealing with, but with none of the side effects that my peers were facing with alcohol. It was incredible! I was calm; the little sleep I was getting was sound, deep sleep; my stress outside of work was alleviated; and frankly, I was never anxious.

It dawned on me, that despite the stigma, if marketed well and legal, the potential of cannabis as a consumer product good was endless. There was no doubt that if people understood the potential and were given the ability to consume cannabis safely and legally, they would gravitate towards the plant. Fast forward to today, and my vision has come to life in the form of A Golden State- a highly curated, small-batch cannabis brand crafted by connoisseurs. A Golden State represents everything that I was looking for in a cannabis brand and so much more.

Consumers can depend on our premium, exotic strains to deliver consistent pleasure each and every time. Likewise, our award-winning genetics are proprietary, and our cultivation methods are sustainable. In fact, we are the first carbon neutral cannabis cultivation in the country and everything we grow is bio-mineral and organic- fed with snowmelt water from Mount Shasta. In such a short time, we’ve become the go-to option for celebrities, the canna-curious, and most importantly, the OG’s- which are inevitably the most discerning audience. Every day I am humbled by our growth and all the conversations I am fortunate enough to have with our fans. I love this job, and as one of the few minority owners in this industry, I’m particularly drawn by the opportunity to use our platform for social justice.

During the COVID pandemic, A Golden State has donated 10% of our revenue to California Foodbanks and hospitals in underprivileged communities throughout our beautiful state. We’ve held expungement clinics for those unfairly prosecuted for cannabis infractions; written legislature for how social equity programs should be architected; and now, in this critical moment in our country’s history, have partnered with the ACLU. I am also proud to say that 3% of our revenue will be donated to the ACLU to help put an end to voter suppression, fight for criminal justice and drug policy reform, and equal civil rights for all.

We all have choices when it comes to the brands we buy. I hope that this helps you better understand what makes A Golden State special and align with the things that are important to you, including your love for the best cannabis. I thank all of you for your amazing support and wish you well during these challenging times. Together, we can make a positive difference and help create a golden state. For myself and my brand, this is a never-ending battle, and we will continue to use our platform and our position to fight for a better tomorrow. We will always remain dedicated to the cultivation of premium cannabis while evoking social change at the same time- they are core to who we are as a brand.


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Cannabis and COVID-19: Research on Effects, Treatments, and more!

Cannabis and COVID-19: Research on Effects, Treatments, and more!

Cannabis and Covid-19

“Unprecedented Times,” “New Normal,” Social Distancing.” Those are just a handful of phrases that have entered our daily vocabulary thanks to the International pandemic known as COVID-19. The fear of catching the novel coronavirus is something everyone has had to deal with, and while cannabis has shown to be helpful in relieving mental health side effects of the pandemic, like anxiety and stress, can it be used in combating the virus itself? Cannabinoids such as CBD have a history of safe use and contain several properties that may be useful in treating certain medical symptoms of a virus such as COVID-19.

What is ACE2 and how does it involve Cannabis?

ACE2 is an enzyme in cells that has been determined as a key gateway for the COVID-19 vires. This enzyme is found primarily in lung tissues, as well as oral and nasal mucosa, kidney, testes, and the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers have found that altering the levels of ACE2 could help decrease susceptibility to COVID-19.

So where does cannabis play into the ACE2 enzyme?

Sativa cannabis strains, particularly those with high cannabidiol (CBD) levels, are now being tested to regulate gene expression and molecular production in order to reduce ACE2 levels and allow for lower susceptibility to COVID-19. These cannabis strains could ultimately be developed into preventative treatments such as a mouthwash or a throat gargle for both clinical and at-home use. That’s right, studies are showing that a simple “swish” before bed, could potentially help mitigate contraction of the virus.

cannabis and covid 19 Research

Could Cannabis help treat those who already have COVID-19?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been used for some time in medical studies for its therapeutic applications against cancer and various inflammatory diseases. In terms of COVID-19, a phenomenon of cytokine storm syndrome occurs, in which too many cytokine proteins are released in the body, influencing molecules that mediate and regulate immunity, inflammation, and hematopoiesis. Studies have shown that when cytokine proteins overwhelm the immune system with hyper inflammation, they can attack the lungs and cause shortness of breath, and prohibit a fluid exchange of oxygen. Early research studies with COVID-19 have indicated that CBD may be beneficial in the treatment of patients whose bodies’ inflammatory response has become pathogenic.

Another study, out of the University of Southern California, has found that THC could prevent the harmful immune response that causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), as well as increase healthy lung bacteria.

ARDS causes your body’s immune system to kick into hyperdrive and not only attack the dangerous disease you have, but also destroy your lungs and other organs in the process. If that organ destruction can’t be stopped, then fatal consequences can occur. If THC does combat ARDS, it could prove to be lifesaving and extremely helpful in COVID-19 treatment.

Alternative Medicine

Cannabis users have seen the positive medicinal effects of this natural plant for centuries, so it’s no surprise that it is now being studied for its potential in many current mainstream treatments. Unfortunately, since cannabis is still illegal federally, it is not widely accepted as a form of alternative medicine, making its scientific testing still more arduous to come by. We will continue to advocate for cannabis benefits with hopes to see some strong advancements in cannabis research, portraying the science around the wellness of cannabis in the treatment of COVID-19.

Legal Disclaimer: COVID-19 and cannabis research is still in the preliminary stages. Broader research and human trials are needed. The information shared in this post is intended for educational purposes only. At the time of publication, the scientific literature does not support the use of medical cannabis as a therapy for the prevention and/or treatment of COVID-19.

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