10 Easy Ways to Maximize Every Dab You Take

10 Easy Ways to Maximize Every Dab You Take

10 Easy Ways to Maximize Every Dab You Take

If you’re looking to stretch your stash until your wallet receives reinforcements, check out these simple tips for getting the most out of every dab.

Many of us love to dab because it offers a way to take powerful hits of THC all at once. Compared to the 20-40% THC content found in flower, wax offers way more bang for your buck. But when the end of the month hits and your wax supply tends to run low, dabbing can turn from a relaxing moment to a stressful countdown of how many dabs you’ve got left.

Fortunately, adapting more sustainable ways to take dabs is an easy way to make your monthly supply last longer. You don’t need fancy rigs to stretch your wax from paycheck to paycheck, either. Some of the dabbing tips in this guide cost nothing but your time.

1. Don’t Overheat the Nail on Your Dabbing Rig

It takes far less heat than you might think to activate the cannabinoids in wax. Go too high and the red-hot nail on your rig could burn off the THC before you smoke it. When that happens, all you’re left with is harsh smoke. Instead, let your rig’s nail cool a little after hitting it with the torch. A digital thermometer will tell you when it hits the sweet spot (around 400° F). 

2. Use a Carb Cap and Dab Beads

Have you ever dabbed outside and lost half of your hit to the wind? Those days will be over once you invest in a carb cap. Crucially, the carb cab sits over the nail, trapping the vaporized wax inside. As a bonus, the cap keeps the nail hot longer to heat large dabs. Pro tip: pick a cap you can lift up easily. In addition, dab beads make the hard work of spreading the wax easier. They sit in the bowl of a banger nail and spin as you inhale. This motion lets the wax burn evenly and lowers the chance of burning it.

3. Learn How to Inhale the Right Way

Inhaling a dab is a little different from regular breathing or even smoking a joint because the concentrated vapor of a dab is much more potent. Thus, newcomers to dabbing tend to cough a lot because they’re not used to it. The trick to avoid wasting your dabs is to inhale as slowly as possible. As you inhale, imagine the vapor filling all the way to the bottom of your rib cage.

Top off your hit with a little natural air to make sure all the vapor is in your lungs, then hold your hit for 3-4 seconds, and exhale. Now you’re a pro!

4. Keep Your Dabbing Rig Clean

Every time you dab, resin clings to the inside of the rig. This sticky substance is also referred to as reclaim. After a while, reclaim will clog the airways of your rig like cholesterol in an artery. Poor airflow in a dabbing rig will make each hit weaker. Additionally, when you can’t pull the full hit through, the vapor will cling to the reclaim and add to the mess. In dabbing rigs, the dirtiest piece is the dropdown attachment. To clean it, remove the piece and heat it gently. When the reclaim warms, it’ll fall out.

 5. Try Dabbing Reclaim

When it comes to dabbing, waste not, want not is an excellent approach to take. Did you know the reclaim you cleaned from your dabbing rig still has up to 60% of its original THC content? That works out to just 20% less THC content than your average wax. Reclaim works in a dabbing rig like any other concentrate. Fair warning: you will notice the reclaim doesn’t taste as good as fresh wax — a result of the terpenes burned off during the initial dabbing session.

6. Smoke Dabs in Moderation

Smoking a dab introduces THC into your system within 5 minutes. The effects of a moderate-sized dab may last anywhere from 3-4 hours. In comparison, the effects from a joint wear off in 2-3 hours. Your system doesn’t know what to do with extra THC other than store it, so once your system has enough stored, excess THC goes into your body’s waste. Case in point: smoking dabs every hour is a waste of good wax. You might as well cut out the middle-man and throw it in the toilet. 

7. Pull Smaller Dabs

Wax is 2-3 times more potent than the highest quality flower available on the market. If a gram-sized joint typically sends you straight to bed, then you don’t need a huge dab. If you’re new to dabbing, start with a dab of wax smaller than a peppercorn. A dab that size should have around 25 mg of THC. By contrast, a modest dose of THC is about 5 mg, so be prepared.

8. Mix Wax with Fresh Flower

It’s finally happened: you’re on your last bit of wax. You can either smoke it all in one tiny dab or find a way to stretch that last hit. To keep the party going a little longer, try adding wax to a joint or topping off a pipe bowl. Both offer a hassle-free way to smoke wax plus the added THC boost of a 1 mg wax joint will last you most of the day.

9. Take a Break from Dabbing

Cannabinoids build up in your system with regular use. After a while, your system is so used to cannabinoids, it doesn’t react to new ones. Weed tolerance isn’t a myth to scare smokers into moderation. The first symptom that you’re developing THC tolerance is a weak head high.

If you feel your dabs aren’t hitting as hard, you need a break. Take a few weeks off. Your system will use the stored THC and your next dab will exceed expectations. 

10. Look for Deals from Your Local Cannabis Delivery Service

Sometimes stretching your wax to last until the next paycheck simply isn’t an option. For instance, chronic pain patients who dab for relief don’t have the luxury of cutting back.

Instead of possibly hurting yourself, look for deals from your local cannabis dispensary. Many offer a percentage off for using their delivery service or curbside pick-up. Always be sure to ask your budtender about any deals they’re running that you might not know about too!

Make Each Dab Exceed Expectations

Dabs offer smokers a clean high with pure THC concentrates. Unfortunately, the process to make safe wax for smoking is expensive and that price is passed down to you, the customer. All you can really do is find ways to make your wax last as long as possible. It starts with making sure your rig is optimized with the right accessories. A carb cap alone will cut your cannabinoid losses in almost half.

The staff at Purple Lotus is always ready to help when you need to grab more wax. We offer wax in a 0.5 g weight option to keep your costs low. Check out our pre-order page to see all the waxes currently in stock.

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Health is Wealth – Be Well with Purple Lotus

Health is Wealth – Be Well with Purple Lotus

Be Well with Purple Lotus

The path to wellness is paved with proactive self-care. Check out some great deals on our favorite products designed to keep you feeling your best.

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. While it can be easy to get distracted, remembering to take care of ourselves remains a fundamental necessity. That certainly includes the usual suggestions — exercising, drinking lots of water, meditating — but thanks to advances in modern cannabis science, we now also have an incredible array of topicals, tinctures, and pills designed to help you feel your very best.

Purple Lotus strongly believes in the importance of self-care, which is why we’re offering great deals on some of our favorite wellness-minded cannabis products. From THC-rich mentholated rubs to CBD designed with your favorite furry friends in mind, the options below represent a variety of goods that can be easily incorporated into any existing wellness routines and regiments.

Available now at special pricing as part of Purple Lotus’s current “Be Well” campaign, there’s never been a better time to take positive action on behalf of your own health. Take advantage of our sale; 20% off all CBD, Pills, Topicals, and Tinctures! Keep reading for details on six products designed to make your self-care simpler, affordable, and effective.

Menthol Kind Rub by Kind Creations $29.99 [50ml, 150mg THC]

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Stimulating muscles and working through nagging aches and pains is a great self-care option, especially when you up the ante by using Kind Creations’ Kind Rub. This effective, menthol-rich topical features a THC-focused formula and is made from whole plants, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oils, and beeswax. In addition, the menthol — made in-house by Kind Creations — contains real wintergreen, eucalyptus, sage, cannabis, and other healing herbs. As a topical, the THC included will not induce a psychoactive effect, making this rub an ideal option for any time of day.

THC Soft Gels by AbsoluteXtracts; $13.99 [10pk, 100mg]

If savings and potency are two areas of focus in your search for wellness products, look no further than AbsoluteXtract’s THC-rich soft gel capsules. Available in ten-packs, each capsule contains 100mg of THC, which equates to the highest dose currently available to California consumers. That means these soft gels are intended for the most experienced of users, though AbsoluteXtracts does offer less potent formulas in their line in as well. Relying on a CO2 supercritical extraction process, these capsules are made from the best sungrown cannabis in the state, which means robust terpene and full-spectrum cannabinoid profiles and reliability you can count on from batch to batch.

10:1 CBD Pet Tincture by VETCBD; $38.99 [1oz, 125mg]

For many of us, true wellness also means knowing our pets are thriving too. If you have a four-legged companion at home, you can help them feel their best with VETCBD’s 10:1 CBD Pet Tincture. Formulated specifically with pets in mind, this staple product from the veterinarian-founded CBD company is recommended for use in cats and dogs to support joint mobility, brain function, GI health, and more. Have any questions? Simply give VETCBD’s veterinary-staffed hotline a call (562-754-3713) to speak with an expert and obtain any and all advice you may require.

Watermelon Hybrid Gummies by Kanha; $17.99 [10pk, 100mg]

At last, wellness and delicious tasting gummies have been joined in the perfect marriage. It’s all thanks to Kanha and their premium line of gummies, which feature all-natural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. When it comes to simply scrumptious edibles that are also great for your health, the refreshingly juicy flavor of Kanha’s Watermelon Hybrid Gummies is matched only by its uplifting and relaxing effects. Featuring hybrid terpenes, each pack comes with ten gummies dosed at 10mg of THC a piece — a significant but relatively standard dosage. Safe, reliable, and delicious, Kanha’s Watermelon Hybrid Gummies offer a best-of-all-worlds adventure in every bite.

CBD 2:1 Sublingual Drops by Care By Design; $39.99 [15ml, 240mg CBD/120mg THC]

Sometimes it’s all about finding the right ratio. Balancing your body’s need for CBD and THC can be a challenge, but luckily, the experts at Care By Design have developed some tried-and-true formulas that have earned them a legion of dedicated fans. One such option is Care By Design’s 2:1 CBD Sublingual Drops. Offering two parts THC to every one part CBD, these drops can be easily incorporated into your bedtime routine in support of relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. Best suited for somewhat experienced consumers, Care By Design’s 2:1 drops offer a full-spectrum solution complete with terpenes and minor cannabinoids like THCa and CBDa.

THC Rich Capsules by Proof Extracts; $49.99 [30pk, 900mg]

Dosed with 30mg of THC each, a 30-pack of Proof Extracts’ THC-rich capsules is an economical way to regularly treat your body to all the benefits cannabis has to offer. If you’re looking to give your lungs a break, these capsules from Proof Extracts offer a wonderful alternative to smoking or vaping. Described by Proof Extracts as a “very psychoactive” ratio, this product is another option more ideally suited for experienced cannabis consumers. As an added bonus, buying Proof Extracts’ products means financial support for a brand that is proudly owned and operated by women.

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Get Loud for 710 with Purple Lotus

Get Loud for 710 with Purple Lotus

Get Loud for 710 with Purple Lotus

The second-biggest cannabis holiday of the year is almost here and we’ve got concentrate fans covered.

When it comes cannabis, one holiday a year simply isn’t enough anymore. 
These days, it doesn’t take a seasoned stoner to know what April 20 (aka 420) is all about. A celebration of all things cannabis, the term was first coined by a group of Bay Area high school kids back in the 1970s (referring to a time of day) and conveniently translated into a date on the calendar each April.
Likewise, 710 is celebrated on the day it seems to point to in the calendar: July 10. In this case, the origin of 710 is extremely simple: turn the numbers upside-down and it appears to spell the word “oil,” which is a shorthand commonly used to refer to potent shatter, wax, hash oils, and the like.
Again, like 420, there is also a specific timing component to the occasion, with many revelers choosing to toke at 7:10am and/or 7:10pm. As anyone who enjoys cannabis knows, the point isn’t to abstain except for these specific time slots but simply to go all out with your efforts when they arrive.
To achieve this goal, you’ll likely need some hardware. 
Back in the early days of 710 – many cite a 2013 LA Weekly article on the subject as a defacto origin point – taking a traditional dab likely meant relying on a dab rig. That, in turn, meant toting a bevy of tools like wands and torches to ensure you had all the necessary components on hand. Fortunately, as dabbing and concentrates continue to explode in popularity, a new wave of sleeker, more compact devices have now hit the market, making dabbing on-the-go a breeze.
With this year’s 710 just around the corner, Purple Lotus wants to help you prepare for the high holiday with some great deals our favorite concentrates. Stop by and set yourself up for an ideal 710 with the products below.
Cured Badder $25.99
The world of concentrates is ever-widening and filled with a glossary of strange new terms. For those just starting out, consider trying Highlights Zkittlez x Kush Mints cured batter. This badder (a phrase which describes a concentrate’s texture) is sourced from Connected Cannabis Co.’s cured indoor trim, providing an incredible price point on this popular Indica-dominant hybrid. Complete with notes both floral and gassy, this cured badder is great for pain relief and a full body high.
Live Resin Sauce $32.99
In contrast to cured badder, live resin sauce (as its name would suggest) appears in a sauce-like consistency. The “live resin” qualifier denotes that the sauce was made from freshly harvested plants, which is exactly how Raw Garden likes to roll. Combining Leeroy OG x GG#4, Funk N’ Fire is a potent potential cure for pain as well as a great source of cerebral relaxation and mental euphoria. By utilizing a flash-frozen technique, Raw Gardens is able to ensure a higher percentage of terpenes make it into every dab you take. For Funk N’ Fire, that means notes of sweet and sour fruit cut with undertones of spicy aromatics.
Cured Resin $39.99
Similar to cured badder, cured resin results from applying techniques which preserve the cannabis plant material to later prepare for extraction. As a company built around science and methodology, Apex is making some of the best cured resin you’ll find on shelves, and at prices that aren’t hard to swallow. We’re a big fan of Cake Boss, another Indica-dominant hybrid, especially if your ideal 710 involves a couch, some snacks, and whatever’s on Netflix.
Cured Badder Chips $25.99
Lemon Peel x Do-Si-Dos cured badder chips is another of our favorites from Highlights, who always get it right where it matters most: taste, cost, and world-class genetics. Cured badder chips, by the way, are just what they sound like: small pieces of cured badder in a hardened, chip form. What’s to love about Lemon Peel x Do-Si-Dos? Vibrant and bursting with citrus, this strain is a top-notch mood booster as well as a reliable pick-me-up after a long day of getting after it.
Live Diamonds $34.99
If you’ve never seen high-end live diamonds before, Stiiizy’s Sunset Sherbert is one heck of a way to get up to speed. Like their namesake, diamonds are pretty! More technically, diamonds are what we call the crystalline structures that develop in live sauce. In that form, they contain THCA – an ultra-potent cannabinoid cousin of THC. Sound like fun? Then go for the best with some Sunset Sherbert from Stiiizy, which hits hard and delivers an amazing flavor profile of berries, earth, and bubble gum.
Crumble $23.99
Last on our tour through the land of concentrates is the crumble. As you’ve likely guessed by now, crumble refers to the form this concentrate takes. Taken on its own or combined with flower, crumble is a somewhat less involved option when compared with sauces and the like. One of our top picks is Flavor’s Biohazard OG – a crumble featuring a cross between Chem 91 (Skunk VA) and Do-Si-Dos. Expect notes of everything from cookie dough to diesel, as well as a super strong high that earns the warning “biohazard.”

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Olympic Cannabis Scandal Shows Progress Still Has Miles Left to Go

Olympic Cannabis Scandal Shows Progress Still Has Miles Left to Go

Olympic Cannabis Scandal Shows Progress Still Has Miles Left to Go

Purple Lotus stands with track star Sha’Carri Richardson and here’s why you should too!

 A few days ago, news broke that track sensation Sha’Carri Richardson had been suspended for a month after testing positive for marijuana. As a result of this ban, Richardson’s hopes of competing at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics — where she was projected as a gold-medal favorite in the women’s 100 meters — are now in serious jeopardy.

The situation has also unleashed a public discourse that has subsequently branched-off in several, important directions. To help you get an idea of what’s going on, we’ve put together some of the key information to follow on this matter.

For starters, there are those who ridicule the fact that cannabis is considered akin to a steroid in the eyes of Olympics officials. Comedian Seth Rogen, who also runs a cannabis brand of his own, took to Twitter to share his take:

“The notion that weed is a problematic ‘drug’ is rooted in racism,” Rogen noted in a July 2 post. “It’s insane that Team USA would disqualify one of this country’s most talented athletes over thinking that [is] rooted in hatred. It’s something they should be ashamed of. Also, if weed made you fast, I’d be FloJo.”

Solid punchlines notwithstanding, the idea that cannabis cannot enhance one’s performance isn’t exactly accurate. To learn more on this subject, check out the concept of the flow state, which suggests that the right combination of caffeine, cannabis, and exercise can maximize one’s mental productivity. 

Naturally, having a crisp mind doesn’t give you record-breaking speed, so Rogen’s quip comparing himself to the fastest woman of all-time for taking a bunch of bong rips was definitely right on the money. 

Following news of the ban, a number of Richardson’s fans, sponsors, and fellow athletes instantly spoke up as well to voice their support for the 21-year-old, who had won the women’s 100-meter race at the U.S. track and field trials in Oregon just last month.

Nike confirmed it would not end its contract with Richardson over the issue, while Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Maholmes kept his comments short and simple: “This is so trash man… just let her run!”

The preposterousness of Richardson’s ban even inspired the satirical masterminds over at The Onion to conjure up one their best (NSFW) headlines in recent memory.

Another faction of outrage over Richardson’s ban stems from those who simply believe the Olympics are long overdue for an update to the rules. In a statement, NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri highlighted several of the arguments in favor of the Olympics taking an evolved stance on cannabis. 

(What’s NORML? Short for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, this important advocacy institution is the oldest and largest national organization dedicated solely to marijuana law reform.)

“In the past, it has never made too much sense for marijuana use outside of competition to be a disqualifying factor for athletes,” Altieri said. “In 2021, at a time when marijuana use is legally accepted in a growing number of US states and around the world, it makes exactly zero sense for regulators to continue to take punitive actions against athletes like Sha’Carri Richardson or anyone else who chooses to consume cannabis in their off-hours.”


Altieri continued by highlighting Richardson’s publicly given reason for consuming cannabis: its potential therapeutic benefits as a way to cope with grief. In this case, it was the tragic death of Richardson’s mother that led her to seek solace in cannabis. 

For Altieri, that context makes this ban all the crueler.

“To use this as a rationale for denying this athlete, who is otherwise competing at the top of her sport, the ability to represent the United States at the Tokyo Olympics should be an unacceptable outcome in this situation,” he concluded. “Let Richardson race.”

If there is any positive outcome to Richardson’s unwarranted ban, comments made by President Joe Biden in the wake of the news suggests that reform of some sort may at last be on the horizon.

On Saturday, in response to a reporter’s question about Richardson’s cannabis-related suspension, President Biden offered the following response:

“The rules are the rules and everybody knows what the rules were going in. Whether they should remain the rules is a different issue, but the rules are the rules.”

In his analysis of these comments, Marijuana Moment’s Tom Angell notes that Biden’s words “could raise questions about whether his administration will use its seat on the WADA Foundation board, on which the U.S. is represented by the acting director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, to push for reforms.”

As is often the case, it appears that once again is has taken a glaring example of how bad current drug policy remains for meaningful change to become a priority. For track star Sha’Carri Richardson, hopefully this is the last time cannabis is used as a pretext to prevent an athlete from competing for Olympic gold.

In the meantime, Sha’Carri, if you’re reading this, Purple Lotus has you covered on all of your essential training supplies the next time you’re in our neck of the woods.


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Perfect Your 4th of July Plans at Purple Lotus

Perfect Your 4th of July Plans at Purple Lotus

Perfect Your 4th of July Plans at Purple Lotus

From picnic pick-me-ups to extraterrestrial adventures, we’ve got you covered for the long weekend ahead.

Welcome to our Independence Day!


America’s birthday is always a festive occasion, but given last summer was one devoid of big barbecues and sprawling family picnics, this year’s 4th of July weekend promises to be extra special. We’ve all been waiting what feels like forever for a chance to return to our cherished long weekend traditions, be it launching ourselves from a fraying rope swing into a lake or simply settling in with loved ones to watch a fireworks display.


Whatever your plans may hold, Purple Lotus is here is make sure you’ve got all the ingredients to a successful July 4. Come pay us a visit to enjoy some special decorations ala the 1996 masterpiece Independence Day and to grab any supplies you’ll need to make this holiday one you’ll never forget… or fully forget, depending on what your preference may be!


We know our menu runs deep, so to help you maximize your time spent in the sun, we’ve put together a quick list of surefire favorites perfect for whatever your plans may hold. Dive in, stock up, and go have some fun!



We get it: here in California, fires are now an all-the-time concern. As a result, it’s never been more important to exercise maximum caution when sparking a joint or otherwise utilizing an open flame in the great outdoors. 
If you don’t want to deal with any of that risk, why not skip the flower this time and instead try a refreshing beverage featuring a carefully measured serving of THC? Not only will you dampen any fire risks, you’ll also avoid the dreaded hangover likely to hit those who view long weekends as an extended drinking contest. 
But why not get the best of both worlds? That’s the deal you’ll get with Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops.  Featuring hops provided by the legendary NorCal brewer, these sparkling drinks deliver great taste with zero calories or carbs. 
Entry level consumers are encouraged to start with Tuner ($7.99 each) from Hi-Fi Hops. Dialed in at just the right balance of THC and CBD — 5 mg of each — Tuner is both calming and invigorating, playing at a volume you can still hold a conversation over. If you want a louder experience, try Hi-Fi’s Reverb ($25.99; 4-pack). This IPA-inspired option packs 10mg of THC into every bottle. 
When it comes to a refreshing summer beverage, a variety of flavor is always crucial as well. If you want to add another truly delicious taste of THC to your 4th of July weekend, consider Habit’s Pineapple Sparkling Cooler ($16.99) too.
Boasting natural fruit flavors, these delicious drinks have virtually no hint of the funky cannabis terpenes some folks may prefer to avoid. In addition, this elegant, health conscious drink manages to include 100mg of ultra-refined shatter oil in every bottle. Bottom’s up!


Have you been invited to a big party or chipped-in on a rental with friends for the upcoming long weekend? Well we don’t need to tell you that no one likes a guest who shows up empty-handed. To avoid any potential embarrassment while making your bid for most awesome guest, arrive for your plans with a box of Jeeter Watermelon Zkittlez Pre-Rolls in tow.
Available in packs of five ($39.99), these baby jeeters are perfect for sharing with friends. Featuring the mouth-wateringly fruity, indica-dominant Watermelon Zkittlez strain, these .5g pre-rolls are an ideal grab-and-go option for those with a busy weekend ahead!



It’s important to remember that having days off does not mean that you are obligated to fill them with plans. For some of us, a leisurely break for the grind is the best possible vacation of all. 
As an added bonus, those who are looking forward to a weekend of watching, say, Will Smith punch extraterrestrials in the face (but skip the sequel), can further treat themselves to some top-shelf flower. Be it a movie marathon or a long date with a lounge chair located next to a pool, we think Blue Chip’s Zaburzt Flower ($69.99; 3.5g) is the right strain for the job. 
Boasting a rare, potent cross of Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbert, this strain exhibits potent full-body effects in tandem with a jolt of cerebral energy. Taken together, Blue Chip’s Zaburzt Flower is a quick ticket to a carefree state of mind. Just add Netflix.



Meat may not be an essential component of July 4th for everyone, but it’s definitely still at the top of the list in many homes. And while there is certainly some glory to be selected as the official flipper of burgers, hot links, and corn at a barbecue, that doesn’t mean the honor isn’t also some seriously hard work!
If you want to offer a helping hand, get a jar of Blue Chip’s Georgia Pie Flower ($69.99; 3.5G) to offer your cook du jour. After a long stint standing at a hot grill, there’s nothing like a big slice of Georgia Pie — with notes of sweet, peach cobbler paired with a potent body high — to silence an achy back and put one back in the festive spirit.

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The Blue Chip Strain Guide

The Blue Chip Strain Guide

The Blue Chip Strain Guide

Invest Wisely with Blue Chip Genetics at Purple Lotus

Here at Purple Lotus, the quality of the flower we carry is always a top priority.

No partnership better illustrates this commitment than our longstanding work with Blue Chip Genetics. Just as the name implies, Blue Chip represents the absolute best when it comes to cannabis strains and genotypes.

In fact, Blue Chip — which has local roots in both Santa Rosa and Oakland — was so about the cause that its founders once embarked on a year-long hunt across the globe to find rare and exotic seeds. 

This adventure, inspired by a love of fire phenotypes and a hunger for experimentation within cultivation, would eventually lead to the creation of Blue Chip’s titular strain: an especially pungent, beautiful varietal of cannabis that instantly became a destination event.

Indeed, since 2013, folks have traveled from parts near and far to visit Purple Lotus for the opportunity to try the Blue Chip experience for themselves. Blue Chip has even earned the approval of stoner legend Tommy Chong, who once chose the strain during a blind taste test contest. Blue Chip’s Durban Poison also won a prestigious High Times Canabis Cup. 

All the while, Purple Lotus was hard at work at our San Jose cultivation facility, where we brought some of the game’s top geneticists together to experiment in search of strain gold.

In total, it was a process that took over two years, but the results have proven more than fruitful. Today, you can rest assured that every strain released under the Blue Chip name is truly as good as it gets when it comes to choice California flower. 

To celebrate all that we’ve accomplished, Purple Lotus will be hosting a Blue Chip takeover at our San Jose location this weekend, June 26-27.

In addition to DJs and a chance to score Blue Chip swag, customers who visit Purple Lotus on June 26 and 27 can also expect to find some great deals on our favorite strains. 

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about which buds to buy, don’t stress! Here’s a rundown on the Blue Chip beauties we currently have available.


Gangsta Bird

Feast your eyes on the deep purple colas of this sweet-tasting cross between Gelato 33 and Extreme Cream. Organically grown in living soil, Gangsta Bird marries a creamy finish with feelings of euphoria, or, in larger doses, tranquility.


Carbon Fiber

Look no further for the latest GSC phenotypes from the Blue Chip laboratory. For those in need of some sleep (or simply a bit of substantial sedation), Carbon Fiber — an extremely rare cross of arguably three of the heaviest indicas in the world — is the strain to beat.



This fully organic, white ash producing cross between Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbert is renowned for the reputed jolt of brain energy it can often provide to its consumers. Paired with powerful, full-body effects, Zaburst delivers on both taste and experience.


Cream Puffz

Don’t let the name fool you: Cream Puffz is a strain that means serious business. But that isn’t a bad thing! Following an initial head rush that should have you feeling uplifted and carefree, a glorious body high kicks in too, making Cream Puffz a solid bet for those looking for a buzz that is both social and creative yet also relaxing.


Garlic Butter

If you’ve ever rubbed on some body butter to soothe an aching muscle, Garlic Butter is a strain with similar goals. Known for its powerful, muscle-relaxing effects, this aptly-named strain is also great for stimulating one’s appetite. Toss in some notes of pine needles and you’ve got all the ingredients for this Blue Chip favorite.



The Glove

You have to be quite the basketball star to be the (technically, unofficial) namesake of an incredible cannabis strain, but Gary “The Glove” Payton has rightfully earned the honor. Known for hitting hard, this strain averages an incredible 20-25% average THC level, making it best suited for experienced patients. But if you’re up for it, this bud’s flavor — spicy yet sweet, mixed with notes of savory diesel — is, much like a big basket, not to be missed.


Georgia Pie

Georgia Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid that brings the best of Gelatti and Kush Mintz together. Taste is key here, with Georgia Pie boasting a sinfully scrumptious flavor profile akin to a fresh peach cobbler. On top of that, this strain (another best reserved for more seasoned consumers) provides an intense head and body high, with medical patients especially championing Georgia Pie’s success at alleviating chronic pain symptoms.


Butter Mintz

Last but most definitely not least is Butter Mintz. Another heavy indica, this cross of Animal Mints with Bubba Kush is famed for its flavor profile, which brilliantly melds notes of mint and cookies with uplifting feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and peace. Fair warning: once you’ve tasted Butter Mintz, it can be hard to go back to anything else.


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